Baby Love

Baby Love:

black and white Newborn photography

Black and white photo of newborn twins

I have been blessed to photograph Katie & Casey from engagement photos, wedding, Maternity and now their sweet lil twins Jack and Annie.

Since  packing up newborn twins and heading to Lincoln is a bit much, I headed to the couple’s home in Omaha.

Annie in her mom's wedding dress

Trash the dress session?  Well, not really…we didn’t head to the local ice cream store or muddy spot like some brides do after the wedding day…

this in my opinion is so much better!  Put that wedding dress to use for your newborn session.

The next baby is Alyssa…I have also photographed her parents from engagement session, wedding, maternity and now baby!

Here baby Alyssa is with her mom’s wedding day pearls.

wedding day pearls with newborn baby girl

Announce it in style

Having a baby? Moving? Engaged? Want to say Thank you or I love you? Say it with style!

Be watching for our special announcement soon!

Check out this save the date engagement session for some inspiration from Lacey & Shane:



Save the date

Save the Date

Save the date

Save the Date Idea

Cinema Love

“No matter what, no matter where, it’s always home if love is there”


For your next portrait session think about what makes you you!

HERE are TWO EXAMPLES of how to let your personality shine:

For my parent’s family that is the Huskers!!!  So we scheduled a tour at Memorial Stadium with intentions of fun & family photos (in the 100 degree summer heat) but we still had a great time!

The kids loved the extended behind scenes tour of the locker room, press box…. that Gary Bargen gave us…THANKS!


The Stallings Family

Husker Family


Here is Jim and I with the kiddos:


Memorial Stadium

GO BIG RED, 2010


Here is one of my favorite engagement sessions from the year:

Megan & Cale LOVE the movies so we started our shoot at the theater with popcorn and pop

and then ended in the Lincoln Haymarket for some save the date photos:


Cinema Love

Cinema Love



Lincoln Haymarket

Lincoln Haymarket



Warm thoughts

Daily quotes on Love til Valentines Day…come back daily for new inspiration, this one has really inspired me today to focus on Love and not the obstacles.

“Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved”

Photography Inspiration for today:

Have fun with your photos…as photographers that sell our copyrights we encourage you to play around with your photos–

one rule of thumb is to SAVE an image in a different place so that if you do mess up and accidently save your biff up, you can still go back to the original.

Search the web for images and words to overlay on top of your photos.  If you don’t know how to, don’t worry…we can always artistically edit any photo for you OR you can take private photo lessons to learn how to add color to your life.


Take a look at this photo before transforming it from snapshot to artPlain LighthouseNow Look at it after I played with it in photoshop

Vintage Light House

Vintage Light House

Here are some more photos to keep you warm today


Pink Anemone

Vintage print of a Pink Anemone

Vintage Surfer print, TealHere is one of my favorites of Owen from this summer up in Minnesota spending time at one of our best friend’s cabin


Orange canoe on lake

Summer Days

All images can be purchased from our store


Love fails only when we fail to Love&
&: the symbol of love

Visit our etsy store to purchase valentine gifts that make timeless art pieces for your home. This is a perfect melting of bold, graphic and modern with a vintage feel!  Many color combos available beyond this teal and orange combo.

graffiti Love

Graffiti Love wall