We’re expecting

…..Expecting with eager hope and anticipation to adopt a little boy from Uganda.

Over the last few years, we have met with foster & adoption agencies and we were even pretty close to being placed with a baby boy & on a separate occasion, a teenage girl.  We’ve kept this “journey” private between us until now…  Announcing that you are pursuing adoption is like announcing you are pregnant before you’re sure the baby is healthy. Having had a 2nd trimester miscarriage my heart is even more timid to believe…  Once you learn you are pregnant you immediately feel connected with your baby and begin to plan life with him/her in it and to loose them is heartbreaking.  Hoping for adoption placements to work out is similar and it can be emotionally draining when they don’t “work out.”  But  we are sharing because we just feel 100% led to pursue adoption and God has now put another family from our church in our path that is also wanting to adopt and to team up on fundraising (money has been the biggest obstacle in our planning..we have the home, faith, desire, love to bring him home, just not the big bank account, but isn’t that how it always is!?!?)

We are moving forward with this, knowing at any point the door may close on us.  We are just really excited to possibly welcome a little boy into our home and our kids are just as enthused.

Our “plan” is to do fundraising & home study work the next 6 months and begin paperwork and working with an attorney in Uganda to adopt a boy….12 months or older (though if God places a younger one with us we will be open to that too)

Jim and I wish we could call every one of our friends, family, & clients to share our passion for adoption.  But since that is not realistic we are hosting a concert and desert fundraiser Sunday February 20, 2011  to kick off our adventure and mingle with you.  Enjoy music by Bryan Olesen from Vota and deserts from Butterfly Bakery and Stauffers Café!  To view more details about this event please visit our facebook event page


Here is a fantastic 3 minute video documenting an Uganda adoption:



The image I have chosen to represent our adoption is the “&” sign.

As an English major I LOVE words and their meaning and while pursuing my degree in photography at UNL I was always drawn to graffiti and graphics.

I found & photographed this “&” sign in Lincoln, NE.

The definition of “&”

1) It is used to connect and coordinate

2) Added to: (5&1=6)

3) Used to introduce, implying continuation: (And then they adopted)

to connect, add to, announce