Adoption Update

 ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me” Matthew 25:40

 In light of Jim’s accident & medical bills and the loss of his bestfriend Cory Adams, we have put our adoption plans on hold while we figure out our “new normal” of life without him.  Cory was one of our biggest supporters in this adoption adventure and we know he is in heaven cheering us on in the path God has for us, whatever that may be. 

Our goal is to increase awareness on how to support loving safe families: biological or adoptive


Supporting children locally & internationally

AIDS, war, economic stress, addictions, abuse, and many other saddening situations have left many children in the United States and around the world needing a “forever family.”  There are many ways you can be involved in adoptions. Unfortunately not all children will have this opportunity and will remain orphans, orphan care is essential in order to give these children basic care & opportunities to become contributing citizens of their countries. 

Ways to be involved:

*Prayerfully consider adoption for your family and become a “forever family”

*Support local and international children homes/orphanages with good reputations

*Be a voice for children to have safe & loving orphan care

*Become a foster-to-adopt family (A foster family with intentions of adoption)

*Hold your own fundraisers to raise support and awareness for orphans & adoption

*Donate to or become a lender or investor in a family hoping to adopt

*Donate frequent flyer miles or donate your professional services for a discount or free…physicals are sometimes required for home studies, legal services are always needed…

*Purchase your holiday gifts from families that are raising support by selling hand-made goods

*Great organizations to support and be involved in exist every where…a good local one is

Supporting mothers/parents & families locally

 Many natural mothers/parents & families desire to keep their child (grandchild) but have “lost” them solely because of their age and/or lack of support, information or resources.

 Young Life, a non denominational Christian organization that is passionate about meeting kids where they are in life, has a program called Young Lives.  You can invest financially, offer childcare support at clubs or become a mentor to a local teen mom.

 Foster Care Programs need financial support and volunteers. Foster care can lead to adoption.  You could also provide respite care for families & parents that desire to keep their children but are experiencing situations that require the youth’s temporary removal from their home.  Respite care is also available to the foster families to provide breaks & avoid burn out.

Cedars Youth Services, Dan Metzler 437-8830

Christian Heritage

You may know a young family that is struggling, or have a friend with a pregnant young daughter that wants to keep her baby…(while adoption is an option, it may not be the right one for her).  You can personally invest in their lives by encouraging them to be the best family and parents for their child(ren).  Ideas to help: babysitting, gift cards for groceries, an encouraging note in the mail…

 Supporting mothers, parents & families internationally

While this task seems daunting, there are basic ways to get involved in helping families that want to stay together be able to do so. Support basic needs such as education, information on how to keep their families healthy and safe (ie: prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV,) safe drinking water, mosquito netting, supporting and purchasing goods made by mothers.  When shopping for gifts purchase ones that make a difference. One of many sites:

Books & Blogs about adoption

 Adopted for Life, Russell Moore

(this month’s FREEBIE on!)

Toddler Adoption, the Weaver’s Craft, by  Mary Hopkins-Best

 A 3 minute video of an Ugandan Adoption: 

 Ministries in Uganda: