The Heart of Christmas

The heart of Christmas

I had a blog in mind today that was full of fun photo ideas.  But as the snow falls outside and my heart reflects on the life we lost this year it seems more appropriate to talk about the gift of life.

I watched the movie “The Heart of Christmas,” which is a wonderful & tear filled movie about a little boy diagnosed with rare Lukemia.   Many of us have experienced the loss of someone very close to us and unfortunately many times it seems too early for that person to be taken from us.

Cory Adams was taken too early in our minds too, why would God take a young father?  Why would God take a 3 year old little boy?

When I was 12 & 13 I spent a lot of time on the pediatric floor at the KU med center.  When I first woke up from surgery I found myself in intense pain in a body cast from my chest to my toes and proceeded to throw my self the biggest pity party, I can’t walk!  Life is not fair.  But when the pain wasn’t as intense my nurses wheeled me down to the “classroom” where I made so many friends, all of them ages 2-5 and all of them with cancer.  My favorite friend was Dotty, a cute little toddler with so much spunk that you couldn’t help but laugh with her.  When I wasn’t in the classroom then from my bed I could see her wiz down the hallway on her bigwheel with a squirt gun dousing all the nurses and Dr.s with water that “dared cross her path”.  She lit up every room and hallway she was in!

My first stay at the hospital was only 2 weeks and in that short time I fell in love with these kids and they changed my life forever. I left the hospital still in a body cast but with thankfulness for my blessings and an attitude of never wanting to take anything for granted.  My parents stayed with all their parents in the Ronald McDonald home and every time we came back for my check ups and post surgery and then even more check ups thru the following months and years we always asked about our special friends that touched our lives forever. On one check up we found out that my favorite friend Dotty had earned her angel wings…life is not fair!  But all this loss would be completely tragic if we didn’t celebrate their lives by cherishing each moment God gives us and by learning from their lives and letting their lives change our hearts and minds and even the course of our life.

It all may look like a mess to us, but God is weaving a grand tapestry to change lives and to draw us near to Him.  A life cut short-is not, it is a perfect life in God’s plan. Dotty changed the course of my life. Cory changed many lives in his short life and anyone we loose “to soon” has done their assignment from God-and though we don’t see it clearly -heaven does.

This song helps me with the fact that life does not seem fair:

The reason for the World by Matthew West

Songs from the Heart of Christmas movie

This Christmas, remember the heart of Christmas-God sent his Son to save the world and thru this Grace may we extend that love to others even while we are in pain.  Who can you serve today, who can you bless-how can you impact another’s life with love, support and encouragement today?

The photographer in me also wants to remind you to keep snapping away on your camera-these moments-even unfocused, are treasures.  There also may never be a “perfect time” to schedule your session with a professional…you may be too busy, want to loose a few more pounds, take off those braces or wait for a nice tan-but those who love you won’t care if you were 5 pounds heavier than you wanted to be, all they will see in the photo is their “mom, bestfriend, dad, brother, etc…they will only see you and how much they love you.

Here are some photos of my husband’s “brother” Cory Adams….we know you are praying for us from heaven, happy birthday today-we are celebrating you!

This blog is in memory of so many others that we have lost in our lives and a special thanks to Megan Bode “my little sister” who changed many lives in her short life.  We love all our many angels.

Cory with one of his beautiful daughters-ella

Home for the Holidays


just a few of my Thanksgiving sessions….

From cousins, to kids coming back, to new babies -the holidays are when we all gather together & it is a perfect time to document your family.  

There is still time to schedule your extended family photo session around Christmas and the New Years!

Enjoy your family, and make sure to document all the small and big moments-and occasionally hire a professional photographer to capture everyone all at once!