We’re Moving

So, I’ve been dragging my feet on announcing this..really bc I was hoping God would intervene with a miracle-a miracle that I wanted, like Jim getting a great job offer in Lincoln or my health to drastically change for the better. But neither has happened, so I am getting used to the idea that Superior, NE just might be my miracle. I hope the friends I will be making in Superior, NE will forgive me for this post, but I don’t want to move.  I LOVE my Lincoln-Life and quite honestly IDK what to do in a town the size of my high school…nothing draws me there except for the fact that my husband has been living there since August and he LOVES it and Edward Jones, the company he is with, and the move gives us many opportunities.

I’ve been sick for over 1/2 my life now.  Just recently did I get a diagnosis after many hospital and Dr. visits around the country over 15 years.  Turns out I contracted Lyme Disease on the East Coast when I was 16.  Treatment is simple when first caught, but if 20 years goes by, the disease gets into your tissues and organs making treatment long and expensive and is not covered by insurance.  For years Dr.s have told me I have the health of an 80 year old, someone just finishing chemo or someone with aids (I do not have any of these things) but feeling like I do makes “normal-living” exhausting and painful.  But loving my life, my friends, family and job makes life easier. :O)

So, even though we LOVE lincoln, love our friends, school, sport teams, church, being close to family, our home, city life, our routines, and I absolutely love my clients and my photography business, we are looking at the bigger picture–our kids need a family that is together more than just on the weekends and a mom that feels well. Moving to Superior gives me an opportunity to not have to work full-time so I can rest and take care of the kiddos.  Selling our home allows us to pay for my medical bills, treatments and meds.  Just writing all of this makes me feel selfish for having our family sacrifice so much to take care of me.

I will still shoot all my weddings and will keep booking some weddings and portrait sessions because I really do love what I do!

I am going to keep holding my breath for “my miracle of good health or Jim getting a Lincoln job” until the moving trucks come–a girl can hope.  But I also trust that God is bigger than what I can imagine and that Superior, NE just might be the miracle I never prayed for.

Here are just a few memories from our Lincoln home:

Tatum, Teghan and Piper looking out at deer in back yard

cousins looking out at deer in our backyard

Owen 4-wheeling on our driveway this winter

winter view out our kitchen window

Tatum with a smore by our fire pit this summer


kids with Stanley walking on our driveway the first day of school

a friend zip lining in our back yard

the kids climbing a tree in front yard and jumping out on the rope swing


Owen & Will building a snow fort in the front yard

The silver Maple in front of our house

Tatum in the ivy field


me receiving a blood transfusion this January….no make up is allowed for a different treatment I received so, enough said…..lol

My daily meds/supplements