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My stats are: 3 wonderful children and a huge extended family, 1 spectacular husband, 1 drooly big dog, I love anything covered in chocolate, Vietnam, spring rolls, meeting new people, reading (as if I had the time!), riding bikes, gardening and scuba diving.

At an early age I carried a camera with me everywhere, capturing everything of meaning to me. Life is spectacular & I didn’t want to miss a beat! I discovered that the lens was my invitation into people’s lives; I could meet complete strangers, hear fantastic stories and create wonderful artwork from “normal everyday people.” I was in love and pursued with intensity; I studied photography in the art and photojournalism departments at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and in Ireland with Ron Rosenstock.

My work has been featured on billboards, calendars, books, websites, CD covers and other publications. It is my passion to tell your story with beautiful images that are uniquely you and that are truly pieces of photographic art. I love celebrating life with my clients; from belly and baby photos to a bride walking down the aisle, I am reminded daily of the miracle and magic of life and how fast time truly passes by. I know I am giving my clients the gift of beautiful portrait art and a heritage to cherish and pass on to future generations… giving you tangible creative images that help you experience the essence of that special moment. Enjoy and celebrate life and relive it everyday! Thank you to all my clients that trust me with their special memories; you all truly have a special place in my heart.

Jamy Sullivan
Your Portrait Artist

Sullivan Photography Studio, known as the “white barn,” is located on an acreage near 14th and Pine Lake. We have everything from traditional to modern props and backdrops, a beautiful acreage to shoot on and a great boutique gallery showcasing our variety of high end products. Can’t wait to see you here! We strive to be an eco-friendly studio, offering awesome albums and products for our environmentally conscience clients and maintaining eco-friendly office practices like e-newsletters and promotions rather than mass mailings. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! One of our passions is serving individuals and groups in our community in various ways and host an annual spring fundraiser that benefits a local non profit organization.

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