We are a husband & wife team that have over 8 years experience photographing weddings in the Midwest & have photographed over 150 weddings. With a degree in fine art photography from the University of Nebraska, you know we are serious about photography. We also have a staff videographer so that your wedding documentary team works flawlessly together.

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When choosing a photography team for your big day, you need to find one that “fits” with you, your family and friends…after all, your photographer is with you for most of the day.

We have 3 goals for a wedding day: Document everything, make pictures fun and un-intimidating, and create artistic photographs that uniquely represent your day.

We don’t pose, per say… rather, our approach is a creative collaboration with our clients that starts before and continues throughout the wedding day. (Of course, no wedding would be complete without some traditional “posed” photos with the family.)

High quality professional equipment ensures high quality images and video. And we always have back-up equipment for those “just in case” moments…as Jamy likes to say: “Luck favors the prepared!”

All weddings include 2 photographers, copyrights to all your images, engagement session, and a private website. Artistic touches are FREE for all images you order for products! Sullivan photography’s desire is to give you a boutique wedding photography and videography experience that is stress-free, fun, and personal for your wedding day. Once the wedding is over, all you will have to remember it by, (besides your spouse, wedding rings, a layer of cake in the freezer, crumbing dried flowers and a dusty dress in the closet) are your wedding images and video…so make sure to invest in a team that will artistically document it all and preserve the memories in the highest quality albums and products. Please call Jamy to set up your consultation today – 402.570.5298.

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